Alongside our nationwide postal delivery service, we also offer custom-made whole cakes (also gluten-free, of course) which can be collected from Berkson Bakes' HQ in Brighton, East Sussex; alternatively we can hand-deliver them to your door within Brighton and Hove for a £6 delivery charge. What's more, you can have lashings of icing in, on and around your cake if you wish, as there's no chance of it getting smooshed in transit. We can write a message on top too, at no extra charge.

So whether you're celebrating a big special occasion or looking for a centrepiece for your party, we'd be delighted to help. And yes, we can do wedding cakes! Please get in touch on either 07794 269145 or to discuss your requirements.

Below is a list of our standard flavours, but if you have a hankering for something different, do contact us for cake chat and elaboration of your ideas. Please note that some of our flavours are seasonal and will not be available year-round. We suggest that a single-layer 9" round cake or a 9-10" round tart each serve 10-12 people, and a 2-layer cake serves 12-16, but of course it all depends on how generously you portion them!

Single-layer cakes (9-inch round)

Description Price
Chocolate and hazelnut cake with chocolate ganache £28.00
Queen of Sheba chocolate cake with chocolate ganache (dairy-free option) £25.80
Blood orange and yoghurt drizzle cake with blood orange glacé icing £21.00
Orange, almond and polenta cake with orange syrup (dairy-free) £20.50
Rhubarb and ginger syrup cake £19.50
Plum and ginger syrup cake £19.50
Date, banana and pecan cake (standard loaf) (dairy-free) £19.50
Cherry and almond cake £19.50
Italian almond cake (dairy-free option) £18.50
Vegan apple cake (8-inches) £12.00
Lemon drizzle cake with lemon glacé icing (standard loaf) (dairy-free option) £11.00
Pear and cardamom Genoise sponge (dairy-free option) £10.50

2-layer cakes (9-inch round)

Icing in the middle and on top only; for cakes iced all around the sides, please add £7.50 to the price.

Description Price
Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream (dairy-free option) £30.50
Spiced apple cake with toffee buttercream £30.00
Spiced pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing £28.50
Vegan chocolate and courgette cake with chocolate icing £26.00
Vegan chocolate and raspberry cake with chocolate icing £26.00
Orange and almond cake with cream cheese icing £26.00
Lime and coconut cake with lime cream cheese icing £26.00
White chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream £24.50
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing £21.00
Vegan carrot and coconut cake with coconut icing (8-inches) £21.00


Description Price
Chocolate pecan pie £24.50
Pear and almond tart £24.50
Pecan pie £24.00
Bakewell tart £22.50
Caramel walnut tart £21.50
Chocolate tart £21.50